“REVOSA” Ltd. dealing with timber trade both – domestically and on the inthttp://www.revosa.lv/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Eksports.jpgernational market.
Our main export markets are European and Asian countries.
The main export products are birch lumber and birch logs.

Birch logs specification

Birch logs specification
*A/B quality
Core allowed max 1/2 from thin bark. Measurements are performed on the log end excluding thin bark, in accordance with the measurement standard GOST 2708-75.
*A quality
The logs for the production of plywood, without visible black branches, straight trunks.
Length: 2.7 m and 3.0 m + 10 cm free above the measure.
Diameters: Ø 18–25cm and Ø 26cm+
Also the Birch tare pads starting from Ø 12 cm <

Not sawn boards specification

ABC quality – manufactured from AB quality logs with a diameter above Ø 20 cm.
Boards are dried to the humidity 8-10%
Length: 2,5 m and longer (up to 10% of the amount allowed lenght of 1-2,4 m length).
Thickness: 23 mm. You may order any other thickness.