REVOSA Ltd. is established in 2006 and it has more than 10 years experience in forest industry, such as forestry, woodworking and timber trade.
Our core business is:
  • forestry;
  • forest processing and restore;
  • getting and buying timber its products;
  • timber transportation and logistics;
  • timber trading and export.
The main export markets of our products are the European and Asia countries. Our collaboration with clients is sustainable and stable.
Company have FSC® certificate (NC-COC-024649; FSC-C130872) . FSC certificate output is available on request.
Our core value is a satisfied customer, what is provided by a professional team of enthusiasts, who do their job well, take care not only to meet customer requirements, but also for effective use of environment resources and create of the joined cost. Our clients and collaboration partners appreciate a collaboration with us, due to quality, professionality and spacious choice of services we offer.