Felling purchase and development

REVOSA Ltd. purchases growing tree fellings from physical and legal persons all over the territory of Latvia.
All logging works are done in supervision of our company's specialists and according the law – starting from felling preparation and ending with timber sales.
We also offer to buy your forest’s cutting rights - trees above the strain.
If necessary, we are happy to advise our customers on further forest management activities.
For signing buying/selling contract of felling, the owner must provide following documents:
  • Proof of felling;
  • Landbook certificate;
  • Sketch of felling area;
  • The owner's bank account;
  • Copy of registration certificate and VAT payer's certificate (for legal entities);
  • Authorized persons must provide original of the power of attorney;
  • Document confirming purchase of felling area (if felling is bought).
If you do not have any of documents or even a forest management plan, call us, we will help you.
For more information, please feel free to contact us +371 29488307